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In ' My life as new Christian.' Jeremy writes about how he almost ended his life and how God changed his life radically and about the amazing miracles and people he met!

Only in Dutch

Download here Part 1:

"Mijn leven als nieuwe christen"

' The old is over, The new has come.' In this part, Jeremy writes about Gods question to leave his life as a gabber behind and to go 100% for Jesus and the spiritual battle that came with that.

Only in Dutch

Download here Part 2:

"Het oude is voorbij, Het nieuwe is gekomen"

' Forgiveness=Healing.' Here Jeremy writes about the proces of forgiveness and the bizar healing wonders!

Only in Dutch

Download here Part 3:


'Jesus or the world?' What do you choose? This is what God asked me. The world kept pulling at me with his temptations, while God asked me to follow him and make radical choices. God also asks you to choose. Do you choose God or the world?

Only in Dutch

Download here Part 4:

"Jezus of de wereld"

Summary comming soon...

Download here Part 5:

"God Spreekt!"