My name is Jeremy Spanhaak and I'm 18 years old. In the past 2 years, God changed my life radically and I started believing in God. That is why I have an enormous passion for Jesus and I often tell people in the streets about Him. Everywhere I go, I want to share about the love of Jesus.

I believe that God called upo me to proclaim the gospel.   He said to them, Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation" Mark 16:15

I need a good fundation for that. I want to do this by following the study of Royal Mission in september ,this year, in Drachten, The Netherlands. This study is one year of complete focus on your relationship with Jesus and this year will be followed with a missionary journey.

Ofcourse this is not cheap. one year costs €10.100,-

This includes the costs for 1 year of room and board, the training itself including books and the missionary journey. It is a huge amount but I believe that God will provide.

I have come up with several ways in which I try to collect money, for example by:

o Working

o Crowdfunding

o Organizing a benefit Worship evening


Can you help me to get the money to go to Royal Mission and could you miss something financially? Than I would really apreciate it if you would like to donate. Donations can be send with the link below. I am really greatfull for the support, no matter how small.

Royal Mission

If you press the link below, you can find more information about Royal misson and the study I will follow! (In Dutch)