Daniëlle    de Hoop 

I got a second chance from God.

March 2022, I lay in the IC in the hospital for 3 days because I took an overdose. I took so many pills that my body completely shut itself down. I couldn't control anything. For 18 hours, I didn't know what I did or what happened. At some point, I woke up around 5 am. Mom stayed with me and was sleeping in another room. I asked the doctors if she could come. So said as done, mom came. I asked what happened. Mom told me that I was completely knocked out. I was taken in the ambulance to the hospital where went to the emergency room. The doctors thought my reaction to the overdose was weird because I was out so long and didn't react to anything. After a while, they brought me to the IC where they started monitoring me. The weird part is that I woke up without damage to my organs because of the overdose. From that moment on, I didn't completely know that God helped me. After three days at the IC, I could go home. a week later, I was admitted to a clinic because I needed to find out what happened and to get some rest. That all went well and after a week I went home again. Then I heard mom say: "Daniëlle, you got a second chance from God." And that let me think. Basically, from that moment on, almost three months now, I didn't suffer from psychosis, dissociation, depression, voices in my head, suicidal thoughts, self-harm thoughts, and traumas that were so severe that I couldn't do trauma therapy. All that was suddenly gone. at this point, it's going well with me. In January, I put myself up for euthanasia with help of my psychiatrist because I didn't have hope for the future. But I am proud to say that I am now removed from that list. God helped me realize that he has a plan for me. Since the IC, I didn't suffer anymore mentally. And I am thankful for that. I am also thankful for all the people that have prayed for me. Mom told me: "all the prayers are heard, only not all of them are granted immediately." But as long as you pray often to the Father, the things you pray for will change." And I thought that was beautiful. When I was 18, my battle against the dark started, the dark that held its grip on me, and because of that, I suffered from depression. Which included all the other things. I have fought my fight and I am saved by God. God changed something in me so that all the above is gone. He gave me a second chance and I grabbed that with both hands. I'm now 22 and happier than I ever thought was possible!

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